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Established in 2006

Established in 2006 in the offices of The Tecumseh Herald - Homefront began as an exclusive real estate book and quickly morphed into a community lifestyle magazine. Originally mailed exclusively to every home and business in Tecumseh, we now reach far outside the Tecumseh area. The full-color glossy format has become a "must read" and therefore a "must advertise in..." publication.

What We Do

Located 30 miles Southwest of Ann Arbor, we explore and bring to light the rich offerings this corner of Southeast Michigan has to offer. From farm to table recipes, antique offerings, loft renovations, personal stories and exciting events, our seasonal magazine focuses on the charm of small town living.

Spreading the Word

Known for taking immense pride in our work, we feel we succeed when our advertisers do. Our MPA (Michigan Press Association) Award-Winning graphic artists create many successful ad campaigns for local small businesses wishing not to remain small. Our design fee is free and is incorporated in our ad space rates. Businesses using their own agencies are also welcome to spread the word to our avid readers.

Some of our Featured Stories

We like to keep you up-to-date with what's going on right in your own backyard.
Here are some stories from our latest issue of Homefront.

Summer Events

Summer Events

Homefront Magazine     Summer 2022 Homefront

Tecumseh’s Summer Beach Party & Sand In Tecumseh Read more

Meant to Bee

Meant to Bee

Reneee Lapham Collins     Summer 2022 Homefront

Bees have been a bit of an obsession for Jim Janeczek since he was a student at Saline Middle School. But it took 45 years before he was able to make his dreams of beekeeping a reality. Read more

Zilke Sunflower Festival

Zilke Sunflower Festival

Jackie Koch     Summer 2022 Homefront

Every August, Zilke Vegetable Farm of Milan hosts a weeks-long Sunflower Festival, celebrating the unmistakable bright yellow blooms that grow as large as a dinner plate as well as the harvest season and all things summer. Read more

Homegrown Gardeners

Homegrown Gardeners

Linda Learman     Summer 2022 Homefront

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…” Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden, his reflection on the values of simplicity, self-reliance, and the wisdom of nature. Paul LaBeau, 57, of Manchester, may have had Read more

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